Improve Your Lifestyle with 3 Simple Daily Habits!

In the rush of modern life, be it because of our engrossment in work or socialising, we often forget to reflect on our life, and where it is headed. Before we know it, we have developed some unhealthy habits that end up plaguing us, and our mental health, for a long time, if not forever.

That is exactly why it is crucial YOU pay extra attention to yourself, and make good conscious decisions about your lifestyle

Here are 3 simple things you can do everyday to help improve your lifestyle, and amplify your happiness. 

1. Meditate for FIVE minutes every morning.

Meditation is the perfect tool for increasing your spatial, and emotional awareness. It will make you feel calmer and much more in control, with its effects lasting the entire day.  

Of course, this isn't the first time you have heard about meditation and its benefits. In fact, you may have tried it before, but found that you could not completely clear your mind, or that it got boring twenty minutes in. 

Well, here is the solution. Meditate only for 5 minutes every morning, and while meditating, focus on how your body feels. Focus on the physical areas of tension, or on your breathing. At first, you will find your mind wandering, pondering some event or idea, or even day dreaming. That is okay, continue to redirect your thoughts to your physical sensations whenever you catch your mind slipping to something else. I promise, it will get easier and easier by the day.  

Lady meditating with sunset in the background.

2. Read everyday, even if its only for TEN minutes.

I'm sure you have heard this over and over again before, and lets be honest, if you liked to read you probably wouldn't need to hear this anyway. Maybe? 

Reading is a great mental exercise, that enhances both our imagination, and our capacity to comprehend and articulate ideas using language. It is also a great tool to escape from the throes of our modern life, allowing ourselves to be transported to an entirely new world, without any real repercussions. You will live countless other lives, and experience a thousand new things, through words on a paper. It. Is. Amazing. 

But, maybe you're just not the book type? NO SUCH THING! You just need the right book. Find your book, and do some reading daily! 

Lady reading a book in her underwear and socks at home.

3. Drink. Enough. Water. 

Ok, admittedly, this one here is much overused. You've heard a thousand times before, and so have I. That doesn't mean we actually do it, consistently at least. 

Here's the thing, if you are not getting enough water in your system then you are causing many unwanted hardships for your body. This ranges from feeling groggy or having a foggy mind, to having dry skin or acne, to causing premature aging, to overeating as you confuse your body's desire for water with the desire for food. 

Create some reminders on your phone. Turn some alarms on. Carry around a bottle of water where ever you go. Do whatever you need to do to ensure you are getting enough water. 

fine HD photograph of water poured into glass.


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    quick read, and quite interesting. Looking forward to reading the next one :)

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    some pretty good ideas here

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